Gallery Introduction Video

TBFAS Gallery is dedicated to Fine art of Hawaii and Polynesia. With a special focus on Mid Century paintings and sculpture. Artists such as Tadashi Sato, Jerry Okimoto and Satoru Abe of the Metcalf Chteau group of Asian American artists in the Abstract expressionism genre are primary. Fine art and antiques of Polynesia and Hawaii are also a main focus.

Tusha Buntin has over 35 years of experience in the fine art business. He’s Studied Asian Art History at the University of Hawaii Manoa with a BA in Art History. Having studied under great teachers such as Tom Klobe, Gallery design and being Gallery Director for 32 years in the family business, Tusha has helped many clients create great spaces for the appreciation of art.

Fluent in Japanese language and culture, Tusha is driven by the enjoyment of Fine Art at it’s best. We hope you will be inspired as well.

My father was a sculptor and an artist and I started watching our antique store at the age of 10 on the Big Island of Hawaii. I grew up in Hawaii and California.

Tragedy turned to a blessing when our buildings burnt to the ground and we moved to Japan.
I was so inspired by traveling to Taiwan and then Japan at the age of 12. Seeing the Emperors Imperial Collection in Taiwan at the National Palace Museum in the late 1970’s was an eye-opening experience, especially during that time in Taiwan, where so much of the collection was on display.
Tokonoma Arts is the Asian side of the Gallery which showcases art of China, Japan and Korea. Both traditional antique and contemporary paintings, sculpture, jade and fine rare Huanghuali wood furniture. Scrolls and screens of the Nihonga School as well as Japanese basket and bamboo sculpture is also of great appreciation. A Tokonoma in a Japanese home is a space between rooms for artwork, placed for the enjoyment of visiting guests. This presentation with the thought of a guest in mind is the basis of Tokonoma Arts philosophy of thoughtfulness

I took up the martial art of Kendo when I moved to Japan and continue this passion of learning the Japanese and Samurai culture to this day. In fact although I have degrees and studied Asian Art history through the University of Hawaii, it was Kendo that helped me intertwine Art history and Japanese culture.

The histories of Asia, Chinese philosophy, Zen Buddhism and Samurai mindset. Studying the Japanese sword and metalwork is a big part of this. I am a humble 7th Dan in Kendo and 1st Dan in Iaido. 

Japanese and Hawaiian paintings have played a central part of my career over the last 20 some odd years and continue to appreciate Nihonga school and Mid Century Modern Hawaiian works. The display rotation and presentation are the focus of this new Gallery.