Saigyo and Fujisan

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Painting on silk




overall 77" x 20.75" (195 x 53 cm); image 50.75" x 13.5" (129 x 34 cm)





This Japanese painting of a traveler and Fujisan was probably done in the 1930's or 40's. This is the image of a traveler on horseback fitted with his bedroll and traveling gear, and a large straw hat, moving in front of the great Fujisan, and depicts the legend of Siagyo Hoshi (Sato Hioye Norikiyo 1115-1188), also called Yoshikiyo. He was a nobleman and member of the Fujiwara clan, descended from the Tawara Toda Hidesato. In 1137, at the age of 23, he renounced all his dignities to become a traveling priest. Leaving the court of Go Toba (Hoyen year), he started on his journey with a big hat and a staff. He is still pictured with these attributes. Boys draw him in contemplation of Fuji in an elementary way, be means of two strokes for the mountain, a circle for the pilgrim's hat, and a short stroke protruding from it representing the end of his staff. This is called the "Saigyo ni Fuji" or "Fuji-mi Siagyo" and is found in netsuke in the form of a mountain with a little man at the foot of it. This painting is done in a casual and playful fashion. It has the charm of a painting done almost as a sketch or a cheerful idea. The painting is signed but the signature is untranslated. It has 2 seals and it has been newly remounted.

富士山旅人。昭和。水墨设色绢本立轴。质优。此画大概完成于上世纪30 - 40年代。旅行者带着简单的行李骑在马背上。描绘的是法师佐藤日野纪世(1115 - 1188)的传说。


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